In the last several weeks, I have been drawn to the Red River that runs through Winnipeg. I have no idea why, or the significance of that (if any?) but I have found myself ending up on the banks of the river a lot as I go for my walks.

While a river might have harsh connotations, raging, rushing and flooding the land around it, I am also drawn to it’s gentleness. It’s a slow, measured, meandering path that it takes, continually heading north, winding back and forth, creating many hairpin curves on its route. Eventually it runs into Lake Winnipeg and then into the Hudson Bay.

A river can cut through rock, not by flooding the land it meets and expressing it’s greatness and power, but through it’s gentle persistence. Continually running past rocks and soil. Time after time, slowly wearing down thousands of years of nature. Bit by tiny bit.

Our gentleness can be like that. Slowly wearing down our rough edges so gradually that we don’t always see the difference in ourselves until we look back to see where we have been, and who we have been.

God’s gentleness is like the river. Working in us first, pouring into us frist, filling us like a river fills a lake. And then, the most beautiful thing happens, the lake fills up and continues to pour out. Our gentleness begins to pour out of us and begins to change those around us. Changing their lives, and filling more lives in the process.

Rivers. Gentleness. God’s love.

“Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.” Philippians 4:5

How has the gentleness of someone affected your life?
In what ways is God calling you into gentleness today?