Slow Down for Loving Union


Photo by Emil Bruckner on Unsplash

Slowing down can often be difficult in our fast paced society. We are often rushing from one event to another; to meeting after meeting. And when we are not, we feel as though we should be. We feel as though the more we have in our schedule, the more valuable we are. Rest and reflection can be looked at as “wasted time” and we often end up trying to wedge in our time with God whenever we have extra time to spare.

What would happen if we intentionally scheduled our time with God? If we put that in our daily planner first and worked everything else around our time of Abiding with Christ?

In his book The Emotionally Healthy Leader Pete Scazerro writes, “ Bearing fruit requires slowing down enough to give Jesus direct access to every aspect of our lives and our leadership. Just because God has access to everything that is true about us does not mean God has access to us. Loving union is an act of surrender- giving God complete access- and we can’t do that in a hurry. We must be humbly accessible, with the door of our hearts continually open to him. Jesus doesn’t force that on us; it is something only we can do…” (P.118)

Just as Jesus slowed down to live in loving union with the father, we are also invited to take part in the same practice. John 15 :5 reminds us, “If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

Slowing down to spend time in loving union with the Lord is not only life-giving to us, but also gives life to those around us. If I make time to be filled with God’s love, it is only a matter of time until that same love flows out of me. This love (or sometimes the lack thereof!) affects everyone around me- from my spouse, to the barista at the coffee shop to how I react when some cuts me off in traffic when I am running late.

In what ways do I need to slow down to take part in loving union with the Father