Speed Limits


I was looking at this photo today and as my mind was daydreaming about spring blossoms returning once again, I noticed the speed limit sign, tucked neatly in the corner.  Peeking out, right beside the beautiful spring blossoms as a little reminder to us all, “don’t get too distracted”  it says, “keep it slow”.

As I think about this, I am aware that just as there are different speed limits for different conditions, on the highway, in the city, on a country road or in a back lane, each one of us has our own God-given “Speed Limit”.

Some of us are only able to work part-time, to spend their time volunteering in one thing in their community.  Or perhaps one decides to focus on life at home. Others may be involved in so many activities and commitments that it makes my head spin, and yet, they  are able to balance it all and find joy and life in this.

Regardless of where each one of us falls on this spectrum, we need to take time to become self-aware and be true to ourselves.  For years I felt anxious about being too busy and overcommitted, feeling like things were out of my control and off-balance.  And then I realized, this problem was largely my own fault!  I took a step back and thought about what was really important to me.  I needed to slow down!

Slowing down allows us to examine what is most important, what gives us energy and how we want to spend our time. I discovered that I really value my time at home with my husband Jeremy; hanging out together, working on a project together or just quietly reading in the same room (yeah, we’re nerds like that!). Also important to me is my time with friends, hanging out, chatting and drinking coffee; and spending time planning and cooking meals to share with those I love.

Sticking to my personal speed limit means I have space in my life for the things that are the most important to me.  Space for peace. For quiet.  To meditate on scripture, or a song, or whatever God brings to my mind that day and to pray.  To practice Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”  It gives me the freedom and ability to say no to things without guilt and yes to things that have great meaning for me.

How about you?  What’s your “speed limit”?  What does it allow you to do or not to do?


6 thoughts on “Speed Limits

  1. what a great idea to blog. I look forward to walking with you on your journey and learning from you as well. I’ve learned my speed limit differs in different times in my life. Saying no to things is hard, but finding that balance in life is so worth saying no at times. Saying yes to the right things is rewarding and God blesses those who spend time with him. I’m glad you have found the priorities and things that mean most to you. You have your head on straight sister. In my quiet times I too have been learning a bit about the importance of being still and taking quiet time each day to spend with Jesus!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It can be easy to get involved in things that we can only see with our eyes and forget that our main focus needs to be on God. I am thankful that God has been showing me this lately. Looking forward to sharing in your blog!

  3. I love my speed limits. 🙂 I’ve been calling myself someone with a lower energy level than extroverts because I’m an introvert. I can’t cope with too much on my plate and I need plenty of time out. Looking forward to more posts from you! 😀

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